Top Tips For Travelling to Venice

Here are some key points to think about if you’re travelling to Venice. Continue reading

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Getting to Know Dalaman and the Surrounding Area

Dalaman is one of the most popular destinations for holidays in Turkey. There is an international airport here making it very accessible, and if you want to visit a nearby resort you can also easily book convenient airport transfers. Dalaman attracts tourists from all over the world throughout the summer months. Here is a brief guide to the town so you can plan your visit. Continue reading

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Booking a Holiday in Dalaman? 5 Top Places to Visit Nearby

For anyone thinking of booking holidays to Dalaman, there are many places in the surrounding area that are well worth visiting. Here is a guide to five of the best that you may want to check out during your time here. Continue reading

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Delighting in the Beaches of Heraklion

There are few places that can combine the vibrancy of a big city with the beauty of the Mediterranean Sea like Heraklion, on the Greek island of Crete. Heraklion Airport transfers will deliver you to an area rich in history and natural beauty, along with a wide range of lovely beaches. Continue reading

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2 Top Sights in Venice – Palazzo Ducale and the Ca’ da Mosto

If you love, history architecture, culture and Italy, then look no further than Venice! Arriving in the city, you can catch a water transfer from Venice Airport to Venice, and you may catch sight of some of the over two hundred palaces. Two of the most architecturally and historically interesting of these palaces are the Palazzo Ducale and the Ca’ da Mosto. You may catch sight of them on your transfer, however you simply must return on foot to explore them in more detail and learn some of their fascinating history. Continue reading

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Best Beaches to Visit in Dalaman

When you book your flights to the southern coast of Turkey, be sure to also book online for your airport transfers. Dalaman airport will give you access to an outstanding area of natural beauty, with some of the best beaches you’ll ever see. Continue reading

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Exploring Around Dalaman

For a summer holiday to a destination with stunning views and miles and miles of stunning beaches, look no further than the southern coast of Turkey around Dalaman. The laidback lifestyle and abundant history makes it an ideal place to spend some down time. Continue reading

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Arrangements To Make Before Travelling From Venice Airport To Venice

The prospect of visiting Venice, the ‘water city’ and one of Italy’s gems, is so exciting in every way that, for many tourists, the excitement starts the minute they set foot outside the airport and embark on the transfer that will take them from Venice airport to Venice – and with good reason, as these transfers are bound to be like no other they will have ever experienced! Taken aboard boats – the so-called ‘water taxis’ – rather than standard buses or cars, these transfers offer an entirely new dimension to the experience of visiting Venice, and can often serve as the first erstwhile sightseeing tour for foreigners coming into the city. Continue reading

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Common Boats You Will See Heading From Venice Airport To Venice

Venice is a unique city in more ways than one. Aside from its historically significant attractions and one-of-a-kind configuration, the city stands out simply for the ground it is built upon. Rather than have a solid foundation, like 99 percent of other major cities, this Italian gem is built entirely over water, with stilts helping prevent the buildings and streets from sinking. This visually exquisite and unique configuration has earned Venice the moniker of ‘water city’ or ‘city of canals’, and is one of the main reasons so many tourists head to that Italian location every year. Continue reading

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Planning a Holiday to Venice? Allow Us to Help!

Here are a few key points to keep in mind if you’re trying to choose between various options for a holiday to Venice. They may help in the tough decisions at hand! Continue reading

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